Apr 27, 2012

Hernia is bad for spinning

After 4 months, I am finally spinning again, jipieh!
I suffered from a ruptured disk in mid December, and unfortunately sitting was and still is more painful than any other position. I was able to knit lying on the couch, and I did spin on my spindle walking around the house, but my beautiful Rose sat neglected in a corner of the living room.
But finally, the pain is bearable and being able to spin again makes up for it.

This is what I produced over the past 2 weeks:

Spun from a Merino/silk batt handcarded by All the Pretty Fibers.
 Spun from a Merino batt handcarded by Lady's Turn.
 Spun from a Shetland/Silk batt handcarded by Enchanted Knoll Farm

Spun from a Merino/Tencel/Silk batt handcarded by Enchanted Knoll Farm


  1. Its great thats you are back spinning, and I love the Ladys Turn colours

  2. Thanks, and yes, I love those colours, too. But actually it was a challenge - we were in the same art spinning class and she laughed at my fear of picking bright colors. So she gave me this batt and told me I HAD to spin it the way it was ...


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