Nov 28, 2012

Peekaboo project bag with transparent window

Have you ever left the house in a rush and grabbed the wrong project bag for the trip?
Like the complicated cabled glove project instead of the vanilla socks?

Well, I have... So my scatterbrain led to a new sewing project - a project bag with a window!

Now I can quickly grab the appropriate project for the where I am going to. A vanilla sock for the movies, something in a light color for our evening SnB group, something a little more complicated if I go somewhere alone. Perfect!

I had so much fun sewing this bag, that I sewed more. And now I am listing them as a new item in my Etsy shop.
The first one is: 
Peekaboo project bag - Blue circles

 All bags are made of 100% cotton fabric on the outside and a 100% cotton lining in natural color. The drawstrings serve as handles, and the bags have a rectangular flat bottom.

I will continue to list other fabrics options, but you can always check currently available fabrics in the current Etsy listing (third picture) and send me a message.

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