Jan 12, 2013

Form Follows Function Cowl

I just published my latest pattern - Form Follows Function Cowl:

This cowl pattern is influenced by one of the most well known architectural principles. 

The pattern used three different stitch patterns to create sections of different elasticity and texture. The different sections serve different functional purposes

  • The mid section is knit in k1/p1 rib to provide optimum stretchiness so that the cowl hugs the neck closely. 
  • The upper/outer section is knit in half-brioche which draws in less than the ribbed section and therefore fits nicely over it without having to change the stitch count. 
  • The yoke section is raglan-shaped and knit in stockinette stitch to fit smoothly underneath any jacket.

 The pattern comes in three sizes (child, small adult, large adult) and suits males and females alike.


  1. I have been wearing a cowl shaped like the upper two thirds of this one for a couple years now. This year I've been wishing it had the lower third as well. I've even thought of picking up stitches and adding a yoke, but this imspires me to start from scrach instead.

  2. Ha Usch, he will be happy in this cold (beautiful) weather !
    (hey, nice bridge ;-) .....)

  3. Kitten, do both! such easy knits, and the lower portion really keeps the cold out.

    Els, ja, typically he doesn't need scarves and such but now it's perfect :-) The view of the bridge is from the waterbus to Dordrecht - first time, it was thrilling!


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