Feb 21, 2013

Take a guess

- and you can win a skein of my handspun yarns!

I am SO excited - as of next Wednesday, a new spinning wheel will come to live with me.
I have been saving for this for some time and even though my piggy bank isn't nearly fat enough I couldn't pass the opportunity when I saw someone offer the wheel I want last week.

Name the brand and model of the wheel you think I will get in the comments section. From the correct entries I will randomly choose a name, and send the winner one skein of my handspun yarns. Please include your favorite colours or the colours you like least and I will try to send you something appropriate.

Just one hint - it's definitely not made for artyarn.

There are only two people who know for sure what wheel it is, the seller and a spinning friend. If my spinning friend comments she well deserves a skein of yarn for enabling me :-) !!


  1. Hmmm.. a Schacht-Reeves Cherry '30?
    I love salad :-)

  2. maybe a Schacht Reeves Cherry 30 . I like fIeld of Dreams .

  3. Congratulations:It is not that difficult: I believe, also: Schacht's The Reeves, colour cherry,...
    says a Ladybug-spinner.

  4. You are all (almost) right - just not the colour :-) It's ash.
    But it's huge and beautiful and now lives at my house. See next blog post for the winner!


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