Mar 9, 2011

Too many WiP?

As if I didn't have enough unfinished items in my knitting basket I started designing and knitting a cardigan for myself. There are several things I want to incorprate, some because I want the design to look a certain way, others because I want to try new things:
  • top down
  • set-in sleeves knit simultaneously with the body (no raglan)
  • slightly sloped back neck opening
  • easy closure
  • comfy but slightly fitted

Raglan is not for me. It's a great construction method for some, but after several very unsatisfying attemps I concluded that it just doesn't fit my body. The part above the bust always looks award, stretches in places it shouldn't and bulges in others. So no more raglan for me. Therefore I am knitting this with set-in sleeves. However since I am not found of picking up stitches I am knitting them at the same time as the body (the shoulder part, of course, not the entire sleeve). I have read parts of Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker and used information from this book. I must admit that I didn't read it thoroughly but I didn't see any shaping for the back neck opening which I find very important. So I added that to my design.
I like easy closures but my belly prevents me from using the one-button-at the-top type closure popular at the moment. So I am knitting two strips of fabric right onto the front halves that can be tied together just under the bust. They are double knit so they don't roll up. From hereon down the carding flares ever so slightly to give it a nice drape without being truly A-line shaped.
Still thinking about the collar and front hem... I will see when I get there. But so far I am very pleased. Unfortunately its'a grey and dreary day today so the picture is very blurry. I hope to post better ones soon.

 The toddler sweater was almost done, but I had to redo the shoulders. They turned out too pointy and I am reknitting to give them better shape. Since I am taking my little boy on a trip in little over a week it needs to get done!

 I also started a cardigan that I am knitting for someone else, the yarn is handspun Alpaca by coolwoolgirl - oh so beautiful!
You should check out her handspun and/or handpainted yarns and fibers. One of the beautiful batts I purchased from her earlier is this:

  And as a follow up on my spindle listing in a previous post, here is one of my Golding Ring spindles:

It spins like a dream!

Check out Ballee's blog - also here in Rotterdam, she creates beautiful handmade items and patterns!


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