Dec 23, 2012

Homemade Lip Balm

I wanted to give family and friends a tiny something for Christmas and remembered a tutorial that iMake has generously posted a while back on her awesome crafting blog at

She made lip balm and filled it in beautiful little tins, decorated with round labels. The blog post provides detailed instruction, and makes the process very easy. I searched for the supplies in the Netherlands, and found all the ingredients I needed at Unfortunately they only had small plastic containers - I would have preferred the tins. And I didn't have the time to make or order round labels, and cut square ones, but all in all I like the result:

I chose peppermint as the main flavor and just a few drops of orange to spice it up.


  1. That's a wonderful gift idea - I think under the mistletoe is the place to be this year! Hope your holidays truly joyful and blessed.

  2. Thank you, Kitten! And a wonderful holiday season to you, too!


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