Dec 19, 2012

Very Sheepy Lazy Kate

My brother-in-law made the cutest Lazy Kates!
I got one and, of course, my sister has one, but he enjoyed himself so much making these that there are 3 more available for purchase.

Dimensions: length 37cm from nose to tail, width 15cm clearance between the sides, height 26cm
Accommodates bobbins up to 15cm long and 15cm diameter.
This one is made of untreated wood.
There is a little bag with the stuff needed to tension the bobbins.

Price €35 plus shipping (6,75 within the Netherlands, please ask me for other countries, can also be shipped within Germany)

There are two more, one is treated with oil and one with beeswax. I will post or send pictures of these upon request. These are €40.

If you are interested you can email me at usch at uschengelmann dot com.Or go to my Etsy shop.

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