Dec 28, 2012

New knitted hat for the little one

Here in the Netherlands most kids go to school at age 4. My son has started school on Dec 17, went for 4 days until the holiday break and over the course of these 4 days has lost two hats...
To replace them I found this lovely pattern on Ravelry: I Heart Cables provided for free by Justyna Lorkowska.
Unfortunately Jakob doesn't like the pompom so I had to omit it but knit a tiny little point instead.

Since there were many comments that the pattern runs very large I figured I can try knitting it in DK weight yarn instead of worsted. In terms of width this worked well but the hat turned out way too short. So I tore back to the ribbing and added two of the first cable repeat sections. Now it's a tiny bit high but he loves it and I think he looks very cute - but of course I am his mom :-)
For the point I decreased to 6 sts (vs 12 in the original pattern) and knitted about 6 rows, then pulled the yarn through the sts and wove in the end.
I used selvedge sts on the ear flaps to give them a finished look.

 And with his new hat he didn't even mind the bicycling helmet too much.
Ravelry notes here.


  1. Ha Usch, ik hoop dat J het naar zijn zin heeft op school en een lieve juf heeft ! Prachtige muts hoor !
    De beste wensen voor een gezond, bouwlustig (!) en creatief jaar 2013 ! En tot ziens bij Stitch !

  2. Dank je, Els! En hetzelfde voor jij - niet bouwlustig :-) maar gezond en als creatief als je altijd bent. Tot gauw hopelijk.


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